The Artist, The Art and The Inspiration.

For Andie, animals bring her laughter and joy and she wants to spread those gifts to others through her depiction of them. Being mainly self-taught, Andie has been creating since she was very young but did not fully embrace her artistic talent until she uncovered her passion for painting and illustrating animals. Pairing her love for animals with her creative abilities created the perfect match to unlock her authentic artistic expression. The animals Andie comes in contact with on a daily basis are dogs and cats so they inspire her the most. As a result she has enjoyed the last 15 years practicing illustrating and painting specific breeds. In that time
she has captured well over 100 different dog breeds in her comedic illustrations and nearly 20 different cat breeds, along with favorite wildlife creatures. Andie draws her subjects in caricature style using a blend of inks and colored pencils in vibrant hues. She wants her work to be relaxed and fun enough to make people feel happy but still retain that special likeness to a particular breed so the drawing reminds them of their own pet. Having found a subject matter that will fuel her creative expression for a very long time, Andie plans to continue adding to her collection of animal loving works. Look for her new creations in select boutiques soon.
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